Gary Houston Electric Company

Since 1978, GHEC has been central Arkansas’ leading Residential Electrical company!

Electricity is one of the most important parts of staying comfortable and entertained. That’s even more true now that we’re all being encouraged to stay at home so much. We need our power to stay on, and to be fully functional so that we can ride out this pandemic and still stay in contact with the outside world.

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A Kohler Generator will keep the lights on when Mother Nature does her worst!

These are definitely challenging times, and as we enter the “new normal” as a culture, it’s very important to be prepared for the worst. Fortunately, COVID-19 doesn’t cause homes to lose power, but severe weather definitely does. Since we’re all being told to stay home as much as we can, the very thought of being without power is unbearable for most of us. That’s why it’s such a great idea to invest in a Kohler emergency generator!

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