Gary Houston Electric Company

A Bright Future for Arkansas Business Lighting Solutions

DIY channels and magazines extol the virtue of the perfect lighting for your home. But smart business owners know they can benefit from the same techniques used in residential lighting. There are special considerations to be made for commercial lighting though, and they are best left to professionals. When you’re ready to revamp the functionality or atmosphere of your work space, call Gary Houston Electric for the best service and value in central Arkansas. Here’s why:

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Tips for Finding an Electrician in Arkansas

You need an electrician, and you want to hire a licensed and reputable electrical contractor in Arkansas. An electrician search on Google returns quite a few results. With so many options, what do you really need to be thinking about when you need an electrician? As electricians in Arkansas, we’ve seen it all in this business. Our customers often have similar concerns, so we’ve taken those concerns and compiled a list of tips to help you find the right electrician:

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