Don’t Let Poor Electrical Design Short Circuit Your Business

Business owners have plenty of things to worry about during an average workday. Between communicating with employees, managing finances, and generating new business, the last thing that they need to do is to worry about the logistics of the office’s electrical design. That’s why they need to find an electrical contractor who will set them up for success.

At Gary Houston Electric Company, we know that you have many quality commercial electricians to choose from, and we hope that you’ll give us a chance to earn your business. We’ve been central Arkansas’ trusted commercial electrical company for almost four decades and we owe our success to our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you’re moving into a new office, or want to make some basic upgrades, our team members are experienced, well-trained, and customer-focused. We’re a phone call away when you’re ready to schedule a consultation, and we recommend that you keep a few things in mind as you set up your office:

Have power where you need it-Power strips are a common feature of most modern offices. Most computers have separate plugs for the CPU, the printer, the monitor, and the speakers, and then you still often have to plug in a telephone, a desk lamp, and other equipment. The standard 2-plug outlet is hardly enough, and if you can upgrade to outlets with enough plugs, your dependency on unsightly power strips can be a thing of the past.

Create a great lighting design-If your office is currently lit with large banks of fluorescent tubes, it creates a very institutional feel. You might not have much choice if you’re leasing, but you can do some amazing things with recessed, sconce, or track lighting to create a workplace that makes your employees and clients feel right at home. Think of the function of each part of your business, and light accordingly.

Commit yourself to energy savings-Making the switch to LED lighting can make a direct impact on your energy costs right away, and the expense of the upgrade often pays for itself in a few months. You might also consider putting timers or motion sensors in offices and conference rooms that are used less frequently.

To schedule a no-obligation lighting design consultation, contact us online, or at 501-375-8330.