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Three tips for quality commercial lighting design

Running a small business offers plenty of challenges and rewards, and doing it correctly means focusing on all the right details. If you’re fortunate enough to keep your doors open for more than five years, you’re already more successful than nearly half of all businesses. But you can’t afford to ever take your customers’ loyalty for granted because your competitors are always ready to take your market share when you get complacent! Making a few renovations is a great way to breathe some new life into a well-established company, and some businesses even undergo a complete rebranding to better reflect an updated mission.

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KOHLER Generators enable Arkansas families to enjoy true peace of mind!

Arkansas is known as The Natural State because of its scenic beauty, and it features one of the most geographically diverse ecosystems in the United States. Unfortunately, Arkansas is also no stranger to weather-related power outages that can affect thousands of homes at a time; homeowners in rural and suburban communities are often the hardest hit and can be without electricity for several days (or even weeks) after severe weather. The good news is that KOHLER emergency generators are more affordable than you think, and our team at Gary Houston Electric can perform most generator installations in a day or less!

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