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Electrical Safety is no accident!

As we begin to settle gradually into the “new normal,” we’re still being encouraged to remain at home as much as we can to stay safe. The experts are currently working on the best ways to stay safe from the pandemic, and we don’t know how soon that they will have a workable solution. The good news is that when it comes to electrical safely, we are much better informed.

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LED lighting is an easy way to lower your energy costs!

No matter how much money that you make, or what kind of economic conditions that we’re experiencing, it never hurts to figure out ways to save money. We all certainly enjoy our utility services, but we also know that most of us could do a little more than we’re currently doing to spend less. This includes weatherstripping, insulation, a programmable thermostat, and taking shorter showers. And if you haven’t already made the upgrade to LED lighting, you’re missing out on significant energy savings!

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