Gary Houston Electric Company

Kohler Generators have been helping homeowners keep the lights on for over a century!

Power outages are happening a lot more frequently these days, and they’re not just something that happens during severe weather. The utility companies struggle to meet their customers’ energy demands during peak season, and customers in rural areas frequently experience outages that last for weeks after natural disasters. An emergency backup generator is a great way to ensure that you’ll have steady access to power no matter what happens, and it’s much more affordable than you think!

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Call GHEC today for an in-home electrical safety inspection

If you recently purchased an older home, you owe it to yourself to have the wiring inspected before you move in. Home wiring needs to be replaced about every 25 years, or sooner if its insulation has become brittle or cracked. There are also several simple things that you can do to improve your current home’s electrical safety and energy efficiency. It’s quick and easy, and our team at Gary Houston Electric is here to help you get started! We’ve been Arkansas’ most trusted residential and commercial electrical contractor since 1978, and we offer in-home safety inspections by appointment.

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