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KOHLER built the first “automatic power and light” generator in 1920 so that farmers could have access to a reliable source of power in the fields 24 hours a day. Over a century later, KOHLER continues to be the top choice for hospitals, police stations, airports, and military bases. Arkansans are already quite accustomed to dealing with extended power outages due to seasonal weather extremes, but what if we told you that you no longer need to “grin and bear it” when the lights go out?

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KOHLER Generators keep your family safe and comfortable no matter what happens outside!

As we begin another Arkansas summer, our HVAC systems are our best defense against triple-digit temperatures. But all it takes is one power outage to make you realize how easy it is to take electricity for granted! Utility companies do the best they can to ensure their customers have a steady supply of power at all times, but they consistently struggle to meet their customers’ energy demands in the summer. They’re also frequently forced to institute rolling blackouts during critical shortages. The good news is that Gary Houston Electric is Arkansas’ most trusted supplier of KOHLER emergency generators, and we’re ready to show just you how affordable year-round peace of mind can be!

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