Generators for Business: Keep Generating Money During Power Outages

In light of multiple power outages this winter – compliments of the infamous polar vortex – business owners should seriously consider the benefits of a generator.

A residential and commercial electric company for 36 years, we’ll keep you in business if you lose power. We’re sure you’ll find Gary Houston Electric Company’s professional services to be well worth the investment.

You’ll have peace of mind the next time you hear the weather man predicting another winter storm. And remember Mother Nature isn’t always the culprit, as something like an auto accident can just as easily cause an outage.

Generators play a key role in emergency planning for businesses of every size. They greatly reduce business disruption when normal power is interrupted.

Commercial Generators

1 A standby commercial generator is installed outside, similar to an air conditioning unit, and comes on automatically within seconds of an outage. It will keep your power on whether you’re open or closed.

2 Maintaining power will protect your revenue stream as well as your inventory. It will also keep your customers coming back while encouraging new ones because they know they can always count on your business.

3 It will keep the lights, air conditioning, and heat on, while also powering your communications, computers, and security system.

4 Since commercial generators operate on propane or natural gas, there is no refueling necessary.

Portable Generators

1 Usually smaller, they’re intended to be moved and activated for temporary use at locations where electric power is unavailable, like construction sites.

2 Portable generators, fueled by diesel, can be especially useful for small to mid-sized businesses.

3 They’re not recommended for operating sensitive equipment, numerous large appliances, or business machines.

Click here to complete a vulnerability assessment to help determine the size and type of generator your business needs – or you can leave it all to us. An authorized Kohler generator dealer, we’ll make sure your business is equipped with the appropriate generator.

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