Knowing When to Repair it Yourself and When to Call Us

In tough economic times it’s tempting to tackle home repairs to try and save money. Besides, few things are as satisfying as a do-it-yourself home improvement project well done. We’ve all been there. And chances are, if you know a carpenter, a plumber, or a master electrician, you know someone who was jazzed early on by knowing how to take things apart and put them back together.

At Gary Houston Electric Company , we know that feeling well. In fact, that’s what built this company into one of the most trusted names in electrical services in Arkansas, starting in 1976. We want do-it-yourselfers to feel that same thrill of accomplishment that we felt after first (or one-hundred and first) successful home improvement project, whether you decide to make a career of it or just want to save some cash.

But your safety and your family’s safety are paramount. Beyond changing out a light fixture, installing a ceiling fan, or putting in a built-in appliance, few electrical repairs can be safely attempted by someone without training. One wrong move can cause serious injury or even death.

Even the above mentioned repairs, done incorrectly, can injure or kill you on the spot, or cause a fire hours, days, even weeks later. Because those “simple” jobs aren’t so simple if you lack proper training.

The pros at GHEC are highly trained and fully equipped to handle whatever your home electrical system can throw their way. From a complete rewire to a room addition to, well, changing a light fixture, you can count on our electricians to do it the right way, the Gary Houston way.

For you budget-minded folks out there, it’ll probably cost you far less than you’d think. ,Let one of our professional electricians check it out and give you an estimate, and that won’t cost you a cent.

In fact, fill out this form for 10 percent off the cost of a service call, get your repairs done the Gary Houston way and you’ll sleep better tonight, we guarantee it. Call Gary Houston today at 501-375-8330 or contact us online, then you’ll know it’s a job well done, safely.