Kohler Power: Energize Your Business in an Emergency

Gary Houston Electric is proud to announce we have become an authorized Kohler generator dealer. This move exemplifies our continued efforts to provide our customers with the best emergency response strategy from any electricians in Little Rock, Arkansas. Check out why Kohler power from Gary Houston Electric could be an advantage for your business.

1 Kohler’s reputation for reliability and superior design stems from its long, distinguished history, beginning with the Kohler Automatic Power & Light “power plant” that debuted in 1920. Over the next two decades, Kohler’s generators revolutionized rural access to electricity.

2 Commercial generators are just one line of products Kohler specializes in today, including residential, marine, industrial, and an assortment of portable options.

3 A power outage could interrupt your communications, cut off lights, HVAC units, and security, and threaten your inventory. A properly selected generator could run all your business essential systems – even gas pumps – to ensure your revenue is not jeopardized.

4 Portable and permanent options are available to best suit your business needs. Models permanently connected to your building can run on propane or natural gas to eliminate the need to be refueled. Others are portable, built to tow and run on diesel fuel.

5 To become an authorized Kohler dealer, an electrical contractor must be specially trained for installation and maintenance. These generators connect to a pre-wired panel specific to your business’s electrical system and run self-diagnostic checks on a set schedule to ensure they are ready when you need them.

Get great value and professional grade products and services from the best trained commercial electricians in Central Arkansas. Contact Gary Houston Electric at 501-375-8330 or through our website to find out what we can do for your business today.