A Bright Future for Arkansas Business Lighting Solutions

DIY channels and magazines extol the virtue of the perfect lighting for your home. But smart business owners know they can benefit from the same techniques used in residential lighting. There are special considerations to be made for commercial lighting though, and they are best left to professionals. When you’re ready to revamp the functionality or atmosphere of your work space, call Gary Houston Electric for the best service and value in central Arkansas. Here’s why:

1 Gary Houston Electric is proud of the relationships we’ve developed with contractors and other trades in construction, and we have succeeded in building a similar rapport with local interior designers.

2 From coordinating designs, finalizing plans, and bringing the latest advances in lighting to fruition in your business, using Gary Houston Electric is the equivalent of one stop shopping for all your commercial lighting needs.

3 New business locations and tenant occupancies require high standards to maintain the safety of your building and the obligations of your lease. Gary Houston Electric is licensed, bonded and well acquainted with these regulations.

4 Because of our extensive commercial electrical experience, you can trust Gary Houston to provide first class solutions for your signage, exterior and emergency lighting needs as well.

We’ve always welcomed the advances in technology that have shed new light on our industry. And we use this progress to offer our customers exciting options at prices that are within their budget. Check this out:

  • LED technology has become increasingly affordable and is the most cost effective option in terms of maintenance and usage.
  • CFL capability has outgrown the limitations of traditional florescent lighting by providing the soft warm light commonly associated with incandescent bulbs for a fraction of the energy cost.
  • Industrial lighting has been revolutionized by the use of LEDs which produce the least heat, last up to 10 times longer than CFLs and provide superior directional lighting. They are also optimal for locations that rely on back up generators because they are low wattage and don’t use a lot of electricity.

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution for commercial electrical applications. That’s why Gary Houston Electric makes the effort to work with interior designers and project manager from the start of every job: to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. When you’re considering how to save money on your energy bill, craft an inviting retail atmosphere for your clients, or provide a better work space for your staff, call Gary Houston Electric at (501) 375-8330 or contact us on our website.