LED Lighting: Impress the Best

Like many “new” technologies, LED (light emitting diode) lighting has been around for quite a long time, since 1907 in fact. At least, the theory was developed in 1907, and the first patent was issued in 1962. As far back as the late 1960s, red LED indicators were began showing up in expensive calculators and wristwatches, only to be replaced by the cheaper LCD (liquid crystal display) technology.

Fast-forward to 2015 and LED lighting is showing up everywhere! No, it hasn’t been put back into calculators and wristwatches, but virtually every incandescent lighting application now has a more efficient LED counterpart, from traffic signals to automotive lighting to the interior and exterior of our homes and businesses.

And for several good reasons:

  • Efficiency – LED lighting is far more efficient than incandescent lighting, lasting up to 40 times longer while using about one-tenth the energy.
  • Durability – LED lighting can handle bumping and jarring that would reduce other lighting types to ground glass and has an average life of 30,000 hours (compared to 1,500 for incandescent).
  • Cost – to operate an incandescent light bulb over the 30,000 hour lifespan of an LED (including cost of bulbs) is just under $200 while the LED cost is about $30.

And not only that – LED lighting looks great!

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