Lights! Future! Action!

LED lights are are hard sell right now. Despite their superior safety, longevity, and return on investment, their initial cost is still something business owners cannot ignore. But this is the same way lots of new technology begins. Think computers, automobiles, and aviation. Just as they made great strides into the public domain, so will LED lighting — and here are the reasons why.

LEDs are appealing to today’s energy conscious consumer. They use about 75% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. Although your business lighting solution won’t be the biggest factor in making your store or office a net-zero facility, it’s a relatively simple change to get you moving in the right direction.

LEDs are easily added to other integrated controls — like your thermostat, alarm system, and background music for your customers. And keeping with the green theme for your business, they’ll be also be easy to incorporate into your energy saving strategy with the help of occupancy sensors, timers, and dimmers. Make significant gains in your utilities budget with just one component of your total overhead.

The market is hot right now for LED. It’s the focus of many manufacturers. As they all compete to develop ways to provide their own versions of this safe proven technology, the costs will be driven down as the options increase. This will inspire commercial and residential consumers alike to reconsider their lighting. Those cost effective ways to incorporate LEDs into your home or business will open a whole new world of possibilities!

When you’re ready to upgrade your lighting scheme, call a lighting contractor that can help illuminate the best options for you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to redesign lighting. Get practical advice from someone with your budget and desired results in mind. Call Gary Houston today at (501) 375-8330 or click here to contact us online.