Remodeling your home? Let us help you with quality lighting design!

Your income tax refund was a little larger than you expected, and you’ve made the decision to take that money and spruce up your home. You’ve wanted to do so many things around the house, and it may be a little intimidating trying to decide where to start.

Our team at Gary Houston Electric includes the most talented and experienced residential electricians in Little Rock, and we have worked with a lot of homeowners to develop quality lighting designs for their home. We’ll consider all the specific needs of your home, and create a lighting program that is the perfect mix of form and function, and we’ll make sure that we get you the maximum “bang for the buck” so that you’ll have money left in the budget to make other additions. Every home is different, but here are a few things to think about as you prepare to bring your dream renovations to light:

Exterior Lighting-With the possible exception of the holidays, we don’t always understand the importance of quality exterior lighting. But for starters, a well-lit home can be one of the most effective deterrents for burglars. And don’t forget the back patio! We can help you create a tasteful lighting package so that you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities long after the sun has gone down.

Interior Lighting-The best interior lighting program features a few extravagant features like chandeliers for your formal dining room and foyer, and functional lightning around the whole home. We also recommend making the switch to LED lighting, which uses a fraction of the wattage of conventional lighting, and lasts for years.

Recessed and Track Lighting-in certain areas of the home, particularly living areas, you can do some really interesting things with recessed and track lighting. Add a dimmer switch, and you can quickly go from a brightly lit room perfect for family activities to intimate mood lighting on those nights when the kids are staying with grandma and granddad!

If you have any questions, or are ready to schedule a free no-obligation consultation, contact us online, or at 501-375-8330.