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When Nature Does Her Worst, Call Gary Houston First!

In Arkansas, Mother Nature can be unforgiving at times. The Natural State is no stranger to tornadoes, tropical storms, blizzards, heatwaves, and droughts. If there’s a weather extreme to be had, we get it sooner or later.

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Where Will You Be When the Lights go Out?

Electricity has only been widely available for a little over a century, but it’s truly amazing how much that we’ve come to depend on it for our safety, comfort, and recreation. It’s equally amazing how inconvenient that most of us find it when the power goes out, even if only for a couple of hours. And for some people, a power outage is a great deal more serious, particularly if they need to operate life-saving medical equipment.

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Don’t Let Storm Season Leave You in the Dark

Keep Your Home or Business Going With a Kohler Generator!

All Arkansans know that during the spring, a beautiful sunny day can suddenly turn into a raging flash flood, and in some cases, much worse. Fortunately, most of us have enough experience with severe weather to take the appropriate safety precautions to protect our families when disaster strikes. But are you sure that you’re doing enough?

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For True Peace of Mind, Think Kohler!


There are few things more inconvenient than power outages, but in some cases, the stakes are even higher. Imagine what would happen if a hospital or police department lost power, or if your favorite grandparent couldn’t run his or her life-saving medical equipment. That’s why Kohler has been keeping its customers out of the dark since 1920.

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Don’t Let Old Man Winter Leave You out in the Cold!


During 2016, Arkansas has experienced one of the warmest fall seasons in history, but don’t let that fool you! Winter is just a few short weeks away, and over the past several years we’ve been no stranger to extreme winter weather. We’ve received multiple federal emergency declarations during the past decade, and almost every year, tens of thousands of homes and businesses experience lengthy power outages due to winter weather. You know that winter is coming: are you prepared?

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