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Four ways to be safe when using electricity at home

Keeping ourselves and our children safe is always priority number one! That’s why we always make sure to keep our doors locked, deal with necessary household repairs as quickly as we can, and keep emergency supplies in convenient locations. It’s also important to take a few easy precautions to make sure that we’re always using our everyday electrical appliances safely.

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We can help you with electrical upgrades for your home!

One of the difficult realities that we all face as homeowners is long-term maintenance. No matter how well that your home was built, over time it will require a fresh coat of paint, new appliances, and other repairs. Some are quick and easy, some can be unexpected and costly. Fortunately, routine preventative maintenance can help you manage costs in the short term, and prepare more effectively for bigger long term expenses.

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Electrical Safety is no Accident!

Most of us take electricity for granted, at least until we experience a power outage. But the reality is that it’s one of our greatest modern conveniences. We can light up any room in the house with the flick of a switch, and it helps us prepare our food, keep our families comfortable, and stay entertained. It’s also very safe, as long as you always use it responsibly.

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Want to save on electrical costs? We can help!

Energy costs are always on the rise, and there appears to be no end in sight. Arkansas is definitely no stranger to seasonal weather extremes, and it won’t be long before the outside temperatures (and your electric bills) start approaching triple digits. You do everything you can to be more energy-efficient, including turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms and constantly adjusting your thermostat, but you’re still not seeing a very big drop in your monthly bills. What else can you do?

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3 reasons why GHEC clients are so loyal

Since 1978, Arkansans have consistently trusted Gary Houston Electric for quality electrical services. Our team of skilled electricians are always a phone call or mouse click away when you need them, and our commitment to legendary customer service is second to none! We can help with residential lighting design and commercial lighting design for new construction or remodeling projects, electrical wiring, safety inspections, and emergency service. And be sure to give us a call for more information about a Kohler emergency generator!

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