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Tips for Savings on Your Electric Bill

Hot summers bring an onslaught of recommendations on ways to reduce your electric bill. But a lot of these tips are expensive, labor intensive or just don’t have any real world practical applications. Here is the real deal from the best electrical contractors in Arkansas on a strategy to save your money this summer.

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Summertime Facts That Will Shock You

Homeowners are inundated with the dangers of space heaters and tales of fiery Christmas light disasters. But when winter passes and the air conditioners come on, you need to be aware that summer presents its own electrical safety concerns. Here are some tips to keep your family safe and enjoy all the fun that summer offers.

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Home Electrical Well Done

The quality of your electrical system directly impacts the value, comfort, and safety of your home. It’s important to be able to trust it because of all the time you spend inside your home and even more important for those times you are away. Here are some tips you can use as a homeowner to improve your residential wiring and avoid costly and dangerous mishaps.

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Don’t Just Call an Electrician – Get the Best Electrician

Central Arkansas has grown considerably in the past twenty years, and Gary Houston Electric has been proud to offer exceptional service to new home and business owners in Little Rock and the surrounding area. For over thirty five years, we’ve been the leading provider of commercial electrical services, and it’s time for more local residents to benefit from that expertise. When you need an electrician for your home, call Gary Houston Electric.

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Home Wiring Safety Tips From the Pros

Home electrical projects can be intimidating and they should be to some degree. Older homes weren’t designed to accommodate all of today’s appliances and gadgets. But homeowners can make good decisions and accomplish a lot with proper knowledge and safety practices.

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