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Danger: Electrical Problems Common in Older Homes

If you live in an older home, you know they’re often filled with quirky attributes – some of them not so charming. Case in point: many older homes have electrical problems that aren’t just annoying, they’re downright dangerous.

Sometimes it’s OK to rely on our own gumption to save money. But if you think you’re in over your head – you probably are. Sometimes you have to decide between saving a few bucks and possibly saving a life.

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Light up the Holidays Safely

The holidays are a time for joy and family. People think of decorations, good times, great food and special visits from those far away. Before you go all out on this year’s holiday display, treat yourself to a few safety tips about how to protect your home and family this holiday season.

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Five Surge Protector Tips for Home

When you think of power surges, you think of storms. Although a lightning strike near your home can be catastrophic for your gadgets, power surges can originate from within your home, too. Faulty wiring or something simple like the AC unit or fridge turning on can trigger a surge. Before you try to save $15 on a surge protector to keep your electronics safe, consider these tips.

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Know Your Home’s Electrical System

If you’re a first-time home owner or are moving into a new home, you need to familiarize yourself with the electrical system. This should be part of the introduction to your new home, not an afterthought after you’ve moved in all the furniture, filled shadows with lamps, and designated that back room with one outlet as your home office. Here’s the tour you should take, preferably with a home electrician you trust:

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Bright New Ideas to Update Old Lighting

Modern lighting has come a long way from one light over the kitchen table and a lamp by the recliner in the living room. Today’s families want to be able to entertain guests and enjoy a relaxing escape from the outside world. Here are some tips and a few mistakes to avoid when you improve your home lighting.

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