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Know Your Home’s Electrical System

If you’re a first-time home owner or are moving into a new home, you need to familiarize yourself with the electrical system. This should be part of the introduction to your new home, not an afterthought after you’ve moved in all the furniture, filled shadows with lamps, and designated that back room with one outlet as your home office. Here’s the tour you should take, preferably with a home electrician you trust:

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Bright New Ideas to Update Old Lighting

Modern lighting has come a long way from one light over the kitchen table and a lamp by the recliner in the living room. Today’s families want to be able to entertain guests and enjoy a relaxing escape from the outside world. Here are some tips and a few mistakes to avoid when you improve your home lighting.

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Electricity’s Future and You

There’s a prominent display right now in your neighborhood of electricity’s power and the advances in technology it has inspired. It’s back to school time and yesterday’s #2 pencil has given way to this generation’s tablets and smart phones. As the demand for energy increases, the future of electricity becomes more entwined with the prospects of our own. Here are some factors that will affect the generations to come.

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Tips for Savings on Your Electric Bill

Hot summers bring an onslaught of recommendations on ways to reduce your electric bill. But a lot of these tips are expensive, labor intensive or just don’t have any real world practical applications. Here is the real deal from the best electrical contractors in Arkansas on a strategy to save your money this summer.

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Summertime Facts That Will Shock You

Homeowners are inundated with the dangers of space heaters and tales of fiery Christmas light disasters. But when winter passes and the air conditioners come on, you need to be aware that summer presents its own electrical safety concerns. Here are some tips to keep your family safe and enjoy all the fun that summer offers.

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