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There aren’t a lot of resources for business owners to stay current on the latest energy trends – no DIY channel for office managers or clues as to which “best practices” on government websites really earn their name. Here are some recommendations from the most trusted commercial electrical contractors in Little Rock that could improve your business’s balance sheet and carbon footprint.

1 Take advantage of new lighting technology. LEDs are more affordable than ever, and are considered the safest option for industrial applications due to their lack of heat production. If LEDs are too pricy, CFLs (Compact Flourescent Lamps / Lightbulbs) are a viable alternative to conventional lighting to offset rising energy prices. Both will lower indirect operational costs, in addition to considerably reducing you energy consumption. And don’t discount options like motion activated or timed lighting.

2 Get ready for the smart electrical meter. It’s the energy industry’s effort to modernize the way they monitor usage and quality. Units use radio frequency technology to send information back to the electric company and even alert the company if a customer is out of power. Although they’ve only recently begun to receive mainstream attention, smart electrical meters are not new to Arkansas. They give you realtime information that can help you track your energy expenses and factors like weather and time of day that affect costs.

3 Don’t tilt at windmills — or be discouraged by them, either. There’s a lot of fanfare for energy solutions that aren’t feasible for a business. But just because you can’t build your own wind turbine or solar panel doesn’t mean you can’t do something. Small efforts can equal big gains. Get smart power strips for your work stations and replace that 1992 refrigerator in the employee lounge. There is a plan for your business; and, you may need to consult a reputable commercial electrician to find it.

Businesses are trailblazers in energy efficiency and electrical safety, sometimes by choice, but often out of necessity. They are spurred by compliance with increasing regulation and the need to lower costs, all while improving working conditions. Gary Houston Electric has partnered with businesses for over thirty-five years to provide the superior commercial electrical service our customers need to meet these demands.

Call us at (501) 375-8330 or contact us on our website to improve your business’s efficiency and lower energy costs.


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