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If you recently purchased an older home, you owe it to yourself to have the wiring inspected before you move in. Home wiring needs to be replaced about every 25 years, or sooner if its insulation has become brittle or cracked. There are also several simple things that you can do to improve your current home’s electrical safety and energy efficiency. It’s quick and easy, and our team at Gary Houston Electric is here to help you get started! We’ve been Arkansas’ most trusted residential and commercial electrical contractor since 1978, and we offer in-home safety inspections by appointment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering your home’s electrical safety needs. Give us a call any time that you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to help! We’ll help you keep your family safe, and we’ll also help you find ways to lower your monthly energy bills.

Home wiring-The insulation on older home wiring can deteriorate over time and create safety issues. Older homes might even still have wiring with cloth insulation. Replacing obsolete wiring isn’t as invasive of a process as you think, and it will help you avoid frequently tripped breakers and reduce your risk of an electrical fire.

Electrical outlets-Three-prong plugs were officially mandated for all electrical appliances in 1969, but at the time less than half of the homes in the United States had grounded outlets. If you still have any two-prong outlets, they’re easy to replace. You also need to install outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters outdoors and in your kitchen and bathrooms. GFCI outlets have a built-in circuit breaker for additional protection in wet areas.

Power Strips-Power strips are safe to use with low-wattage appliances such as TVs and laptops, but not for space heaters or power tools. Some power strips include surge protection for your electronics, and some are merely line splitters. It’s never a good idea to use “cheater plugs” for power strips, and you should plug them directly into the wall. You should also consider installing additional outlets if you’re relying too much on power strips.

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