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Kohler recently celebrated its centennial for providing emergency power. In 1920, the Kohler Automatic Power and Light standby generator was created to meet the needs of American Agriculture. A century later, you’ll find Kohler Generators standing by to provide emergency power everywhere you go. Hospitals use them to ensure that their patients get the best possible care no matter what’s happening outside. Police departments, fire departments and first responders rely on Kohler generators to keep the lights on and stay in communication with agents in the field.

Generators aren’t just a luxury item for large businesses and government agencies. You can now buy an emergency generator for your home or business that offers premium performance at a surprisingly low cost, and enjoy true peace of mind. There’s a Kohler generator that’s right-sized for every home, and Gary Houston Electric is proud to be Arkansas’ leading supplier of Kohler emergency generators.

Kohler Generators are available at several different price points, and our team of electrical contractors will help you select the right generator for the size of your home. We’ll make sure that you understand all the parts of your estimate before we get to work, and we’ll make sure that you know how to operate your generator. Your Kohler emergency generator will start up in a matter of seconds after a power outage begins and it will restore power to your home right away. All that you’ll need to do is perform routine monthly maintenance to make sure that your generator will be ready when you need it.

Kohler emergency generators aren’t anything like those noisy gas-powered generators that you might remember from days of old. Your emergency backup generator operates using clean-burning natural gas, and doesn’t make nearly as much noise as you’d expect. You’ll be able to count on a steady supply of power no matter what happens outside. You and your family will stay safe and comfortable, and you can all ride out the storm together.

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