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Power outages are a regular occurrence when we experience seasonal weather extremes and frequently happen throughout the year. Utility companies do everything they can to restore power quickly, but that’s little comfort when the outages last for days or weeks. A power outage is inconvenient for every family but far more serious for seniors and people who need power for their CPAP machines or other essential medical equipment. The good news is that Gary Houston Electric is Arkansas’ leading supplier of KOHLER emergency generators, and they’re more affordable than you think!

The KOHLER Automatic Power and Light standby generator was created in 1920 to meet the needs of American Agriculture, and KOHLER continues to be America’s leading manufacturer of emergency generators over a century later! Hospitals, police stations, and military bases need reliable electricity at all times, and KOHLER generators help them keep the lights on no matter what happens. Generators aren’t just a luxury item for large businesses and government agencies, there’s a Kohler generator that’s right-sized for every home!

KOHLER emergency generators aren’t the same thing as those noisy gas-powered generators that you’re forced to listen to at the campground or the tailgate party. KOHLER emergency backup generators operate using clean-burning natural gas and make very little noise. Your KOHLER emergency generator will start up in a matter of seconds after a power outage begins, and you’ll be able to weather any storm comfortably.

A KOHLER emergency generator is a modest one-time investment that will help you enjoy true peace of mind all year long. There’s nothing worse than losing power while you’re trying to monitor weather updates on television, and a steady supply of power also enables you to run your heating and air conditioning at the times when you need them the most! The only thing you’ll ever have to do for routine maintenance is to run your generator for a few minutes each month, and your generator will be ready any time that disaster strikes!

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