Don’t Let Winter Storms Kill Your Power: Be the Talk of the Block with Working Electricity

Most Arkansans have been without electricity at some point (OK, probably many times). Because we are “The Natural State,” there are plenty of trees to knock out power lines, and plenty of stormy weather to facilitate these occurrences – particularly within the last year.

Mother Nature’s wrath became apparent as many went without power – some suffering much greater losses – after a devastating tornado tore a path from Paron to Vilonia in April. We endured a particularly rough winter as well, with some having to go without power several times.

While it made for beautiful landscapes, all the ice and snow also weighed heavy on tree limbs. Thousands lost power during a December winter storm, when the polar vortex was just getting started. Winter storms – and outages – continued through early March.

There are many reasons to invest in residential generators, such as the quality Kohler line carried by reputable dealers like Gary Houston Electric Company (GHEC). While having no electricity can be nothing more than inconvenient, it also can be life-threatening, particularly during freezing winter (and sweltering summer) months.

1 Many don’t rely on wood stoves for primary or alternative heat sources. These folks stand to benefit tremendously compared to others with standby generators.

2 There is nothing more frustrating that being in the middle of a shower and experiencing an outage. For city dwellers, you can at least finish bathing. But for those with wells, you have to get that water turned off immediately so your well doesn’t run dry.

3 Standby generators from Kohler keep the power on in your home during outages. Installed outside, it will come on automatically within seconds of losing electricity. GHEC will help you to choose the right size for your home.

4 Kohler generators can power your entire home, including your refrigerator/freezer, electronics, heating and air, lights, and water. Groceries going bad – and money down the drain – will be a thing of the past.

Don’t be the one left out in the cold this winter. For the best quality and service for generators in Little Rock, call 501-375-8330, or contact GHEC here for more information.