Four Tips to Protect Your Family From an Electrical Emergency

Electrical emergencies are often seen from two distinct perspectives. Some immediately think of cause –- like weather. Others think of effect –- like fires. The best preparation will also account for all the little things with big consequences that fall in between. Here is some valuable information and a few tips to help you and your family make smart decisions when an emergency electrical situation arises.

1 Stay away from power lines anytime and every time. They may become energized without notice. Remember the storm that blew them down probably soaked everything in the process. Even a soggy tree limb or wet piece of rope touching the power line can conduct all that current directly to you.

2 Water is dangerous indoors too. Whether it’s due to weather or a busted washing machine hose, turn the power off immediately. If the area around your breaker box is wet, don’t touch the box directly. Use a pair of rubber gloves to safeguard yourself against electrical shock.

3 Electrical fires are more likely to be caused by overloaded circuits or incorrectly installed wiring than any other electrical system failure. Wiring accounts for over half of all electrical fires.

4 Malfunctioning appliances and improper use of extension cords also contribute to fire risk. Pull the plug if you notice any smoking, arcing or excessive heat from an appliance. Frayed cords are also indications the appliance needs to be repaired or replaced.

Note that extension cords in poor condition are often hard to diagnose, because they are tucked behind furniture or under rugs.

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