Know What to Do – & What Not to Do – in an Electrical Emergency

Most of us know the basics of using electricity safely in our homes and businesses. However, electrical emergencies can occur sometimes that we have no control over, putting both our family and property at risk.

Gary Houston Electric Company (GHEC) has the experience and knowledge to address all your electrical needs, including emergency electrical maintenance. Although we hope you never have to deal with one, we’ve compiled a few items you should know about electrical emergencies.

1 Fires involving electrical appliances, outlets, or cords are not the same as other fires. Trying to extinguish an electrical fire with water will only add to the problem, as water conducts electricity (the same reason for keeping appliances away from the bathtub). If you have access to a proper chemical fire extinguisher, use it. Otherwise, get everyone out and call 911.

2 In order to reduce electrical hazards in your home or business, maintain appliances properly by repairing or replacing faulty appliances and replacing broken or frayed cords. Also, don’t run electrical cords under carpets or overload your outlets with too many plugs, and use extension cords for temporary purposes only. And, of course, make sure you turn off appliances when not using them.

3 In the event of an electrical emergency, you may have to shut off your electricity. Know where the main fuse or circuit breaker is located, and label power shutoffs for appliances and different areas of your home to turn off specific items or areas if needed. If you have to shut off power to a building, the proper method is to shut off all individual switches before shutting off the main switch.

4 If you have concerns about wiring, it’s a good idea to have an electrician perform a safety inspection and recommend improvements to avoid potential hazards.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, GHEC provides emergency repairs and 24/7 emergency electrical services for all customers. An authorized dealer for Kohler, we also offer back-up emergency generators.

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