KOHLER Emergency Generators Offer Year-Round Peace of Mind for Homeowners!

Whether you enjoy active outdoor activities such as hiking and backpacking, or leisurely activities such as cycling and fishing, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Arkansas! But The Natural State is almost as well-known for extreme seasonal weather as it is for scenic beauty, and Arkansans have become accustomed to frequent power outages whenever Mother Nature does her worst. The good news is that Gary Houston Electric is Arkansas’ leading supplier of KOHLER emergency generators, and we’re ready to show you just how affordable it is to enjoy peace of mind all year long!

The KOHLER Automatic Power and Light standby generator was created in 1920 to support America’s growing agricultural industry, and it continues to be America’s most popular emergency generator over a century later. KOHLER generators are in widespread use at police stations, government buildings, and healthcare facilities throughout the world, and they have models suitable for homes of all sizes.

KOHLER emergency generators are nothing like the noisy gasoline-powered generators you’ve seen at the campground or tailgate party. They operate almost noiselessly using clean-burning natural gas and make very little noise. They offer industry-leading performance, and the only maintenance you’ll ever have to do is run your generator for a few minutes each month to ensure it’s ready when needed! Your emergency generator will automatically start up seconds after a power outage, and you and your family can weather every storm safely and comfortably.

Power outages are inconvenient for everyone and far more serious than that for the elderly or individuals who need a reliable power source for CPAP machines and other life-saving medical equipment. It’s also crucial to be able to monitor the forecasts during severe weather so that you and your family will know when to take cover! Emergency generators aren’t just a luxury item for wealthy people and large corporations; there’s a KOHLER model that’s right-sized for every home, and it’s a one-time investment you’ll appreciate every time severe weather strikes!

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