When Spring weather does its worst, a Kohler Generator will keep the lights on!

Spring is here, which means spring storms, severe weather, and power outages. A power outage is never convenient, and can sometimes even be life-threatening. That’s why many Arkansans choose to stay prepared by investing in an emergency generator.

There are a number of different brands to choose from, and when it comes to Kohler generators, Little Rock residents know that they can always count on Gary Houston Electric Company for the best prices and most reliable installation. Whether you need to power a room or an entire house, Kohler generators are powerful, reliable, and ready when you need them. Whatever your needs and budget, w can help you find the Kohler emergency generator that is just right for your needs, as well as your budget.

Arkansas is well-known for its scenic beauty and mild, temperate climate, and equally known for seasonal weather extremes. But with a Kohler generator, you don’t have to take it just because Mother Nature dishes it out. Once you’ve selected the Kohler generator that’s right for you, you’ll never worry about power outages again. Best of all, Kohler has product lines that can fit even the most modest budgets, and as long as you follow the recommended preventative maintenance schedule, your operational costs will be very low.

As soon as it senses a loss of power, your Kohler generator will restore power to your home or business in a matter of seconds, and you and your family will be able to “ride out the storm” without worrying about missing the weather forecasts, losing the food in their refrigerator or deep freezes, or being unable to run life-saving medical equipment.

If you’ve only been around generators used at campsites or tailgate parties, you may be a little unsure about using one yourself, thinking all generators are smoky and noisy. But that’s not the case at all. Kohler generators use clean-burning natural gas, which means less noise, no odor, and a smaller carbon footprint for all users.

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