Are you interested in an affordable home upgrade? Let us help you upgrade your home lighting!

A handful of homeowners can afford to build their dream homes from the ground up, but most of us shop around to find a home that’s the best fit for our needs and budget. After you’ve been in a new home for several years, you’ll probably want to make some changes, and a few cans of paint and a little creativity are often all that it takes to transform a home on a tight budget. Our team at Gary Houston Electric is also ready to help you design and install a great new lighting package that’s both functional and flexible!

We’ve offered trusted residential electrical services in Little Rock since 1978, and 24-hour emergency service when disaster strikes. Be sure also to ask us for a quote for a KOHLER emergency generator so you can keep the power on no matter what happens! Here are a few common questions our customers have about home lighting design:

What is Smart Lighting? The Internet of Things (IoT) enables homeowners to use their smartphones to control home systems and appliances and offers a lot of convenience. Smart LED bulbs can last up to 11 years before they need to be replaced, and you can set timers, use dimmers, and even change light colors with an easy-to-use app!

What are color temperatures? LED bulbs are available in numerous color temperatures, ideal for specific parts of your home. A Kelvin color temperature ranging from 2000K-3000K is warm with a yellowish tint, and a Kelvin color temperature ranging from 3100K-4500K is cool and bright with a bluish tint. Warm lighting looks good nearly anywhere, and cool lighting is particularly ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Many smart bulbs now also enable you to select different color temperatures to see what looks best.

What type of outdoor lighting should I install? A floodlight with a motion sensor is always convenient when you need to carry groceries in after dark and is great for home security. You can also install additional porch or patio lighting to create a cozy outdoor retreat you can enjoy each night after the kids are in bed!

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