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Whether you just moved into a new home or you’ve been living in your current home for decades, you should always be concerned about electrical safety; the older the home, the more likely it is to require upgrades to meet current safety standards. But even a recently-built home can have electrical safety issues, and what you don’t know can hurt you!

Gary Houston Electric has been Arkansas’ most trusted residential and commercial electrical contractor since 1978, and we’re always a phone call away when you have an electrical emergency or questions about KOHLER emergency generators. We also offer in-home consultations to ensure that your home meets all current safety standards and energy efficiency audits for homeowners interested in lowering their bills. Here are a few common electrical safety issues that all homeowners should address immediately:

Does your home wiring meet current electrical standards? If you just purchased an older home, there’s a good chance that the insulation around your wiring has gotten brittle or cracked over the years. Home wiring should be replaced every 25 years or sooner if you want to install smart appliances. The good news is that it’s more affordable than you think!

Do you have GFCI Outlets in your kitchen and bathrooms? You should have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) in your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor outlets. If you’re using electrical appliances near water, you can’t afford to take any chances with electrical safety. The GFCI can sense overloads as small as 4 or 5 milliamps and automatically trip the circuit in less than one-tenth of a second.

Does your home have any switches or outlets that don’t work? Some older homes might still have light switches or electrical outlets that no longer work. The good news is that if the outlets aren’t buzzing or warm to the touch, they probably don’t pose an immediate safety hazard. We’ll be happy to investigate any non-functional switches or outlets in your home and replace any outdated two-prong outlets with properly grounded outlets.

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