Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs!

When your wiring is struggling to keep up, it will give signs of trouble, and it helps to know what to look for. Here are eight signs you should never ignore:

1 Frayed Wires-Wires can fray or crack from age, heat, corrosion, or bending, or be pierced by nails or screws. Damaged wires are dangerous and should be replaced by a pro.

2 Hot or Scorched Outlets or Switches-All outlets and switches should be cool to the touch. If one feels hot or there is evidence of scorching it should be replaced immediately.

3 Tripping Breaker/Blown Fuse-A breaker or fuse that goes out repeatedly indicates an overloaded circuit and should be checked by qualified licensed electrician to assess the load and recommend improvements.

4 Smoke- Smoke from an outlet, an appliance, or along a baseboard is a sure sign of trouble. Immediately turn off all appliances and kill the power to that circuit at the breaker box. Then, contact a trained residential electrician to find the problem.

5 Dimming Lights-If lights dim when an appliance is switched on, and overloaded circuit or wiring may be the culprit and a licensed electrician is recommended to pinpoint the cause.

6 Loose Connections-Over time, the connections between electrical wires and switches or outlets can loosen. Check to make sure that all outlet covers and switch plates are in good condition and that the wires inside are secure. Replace any missing, cracked, or broken plates promptly.

7 Rodent Damage-Mice and rats often chew on wiring. Should you see signs of droppings in your home, a thorough check of the nearby wiring is in order.

8 Popping, Crackling, or Buzzing-Noises like this coming from outlets, switches, or appliances means you likely have a serious problem. Turn off electricity to the affected area and call a licensed electrician right away.

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