Electrical Safety is no accident!

As we begin to settle gradually into the “new normal,” we’re still being encouraged to remain at home as much as we can to stay safe. The experts are currently working on the best ways to stay safe from the pandemic, and we don’t know how soon that they will have a workable solution. The good news is that when it comes to electrical safely, we are much better informed.

If you’re ever looking for quality electricians near Little Rock, our team of electrical contractors at Gary Houston Electric is always a phone call away. In addition to providing both residential and commercial electrical services, we’re also happy to help you make sure that you’re always using electricity safely. We’re always available to schedule an on-site safety visit to offer specific recommendations, and also have a few easy suggestions on things that you can do on your own:

Use power strips safely-No computer or entertainment center is ever complete without a power strip to accommodate all of the devices that must be plugged in. But be sure that the power strip offers surge protection, and isn’t just a way to plug in other devices. Be sure to also refrain from using high wattage appliances such as heaters and power tools with a power strip.

Have your home wiring checked-If you’re in an older home, the wiring and outlets might not meet the current standards for safety. If you still have 2-prong outlets, your devices won’t be grounded in the case of an overload. Also be sure to check light switches and outlets that no longer work, particularly if they buzz or are warm to the touch.

Install GFCI outlets as needed-Outdoor outlets and outlets near sinks need to be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets. In the event of an overload, the built in breaker will trip automatically.

If you have any questions about electrical safety, or if you need an electrician, contact us online or at 501-375-8330.