Electricity’s Future and You

There’s a prominent display right now in your neighborhood of electricity’s power and the advances in technology it has inspired. It’s back to school time and yesterday’s #2 pencil has given way to this generation’s tablets and smart phones. As the demand for energy increases, the future of electricity becomes more entwined with the prospects of our own. Here are some factors that will affect the generations to come.

1 Electronics, increased usage of cloud storage, and 24/7 social and business media create a perpetual need for electricity. Entire segments of commerce are built on easy access to electricity and disruptions threaten the viability of some businesses.

2 Today’s smart meters are the beginning of a transition to smart grids. The advantages of power grids integrated with advanced communications networks are two-way power delivery and real time failure response.

3 Fossil fuel shortages garner most of the media attention, but severe weather events instigate a significant portion of research and development of smart grids and micro grids.

4 Increasing efficiency and security while updating the grid requires incorporating multiple sources used to produce electricity.

5 Expansion of reliable ways to store electricity will be paramount as more energy sources are tapped. Batteries, i.e. chemical storage methods, are facing greater scrutiny as their environmental toll rises with increased use in cars and electronics.

6 Technology originally designed for commercial applications will eventually be used for residential purposes too. LED bulbs, standardized efficiency ratings, and upgraded installation materials are prime examples of successfully adopting existing technology for new residential users.

7 As more houses incorporate the latest advances in technology, homeowners must be more diligent in their efforts to find an electrician qualified to recommend the right products or provide services.

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