Five Reasons to Hire a Residential Electrical Contractor

Are you trying to find the best electrician in Little Rock or surrounding area? Gary Houston Electric Company is an electrical contractor in Arkansas, having served our community with a 100% customer satisfaction rating for over 35 years. We’ve compiled a list of some common reasons why you, as a homeowner, might have a need for a reputable electrical contractor:

1 New Construction Home Wiring Building a new home is a great time to find an experienced licensed electrician in Little Rock. When a new home is under construction, an electrical contractor can work with the builder to create a plan that will provide adequate electricity throughout the home, as well as telephone wiring, A/V cabling, network cabling, and security systems.

2 Remodeling If you’re remodeling your home, some newer appliances may require more electricity than you have available at a given spot. Remodeling is a great time to find an electrical contractor that can make sure your home upgrade is successful and adequately powered. You may simply want to increase the electrical capacity of your home by adding circuits and outlets.

3 Home Rewiring and Coming up to Code Homes built prior to the 1970’s and 1980’s should be updated with new electrical equipment to help prevent shock and fire. New technologies, such as GCFI and AFCI, are now required by international and federal standards, and drastically improve safety. If your home has an issue with breakers that trip regularly or some dead electrical outlets, you should consider professional electrical repairs.

4 Storm and Other Damage Falling trees and limbs, ice, wind, and other mishaps can cause damage to your home exterior and result in a loss of electricity to the home. Under most circumstances, this is an unfortunate event, because the costs of repair are unexpected. Your chosen electrical contractor should understand these consequences and work with you to help restore your power in the most cost effective manner.

5 Lighting Upgrades A poorly lit area of your home can be easily corrected with a lighting upgrade. Rearranging furniture within your home can create a need for additional lighting. Track lighting, recessed lighting, exterior lighting, and other lighting solutions provided by your electrical contractor can improve living conditions and the presentation of both the interior and exterior of your home.

Gary Houston Electric Company is a highly reputable residential electrical contractor in Little Rock and serves the surrounding areas of central Arkansas. Choosing us as your residential electrical contractor guarantees your peace of mind, since our electricians have extensive experience in all areas of electrical work.

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