Four ways to be safe when using electricity at home

Keeping ourselves and our children safe is always priority number one! That’s why we always make sure to keep our doors locked, deal with necessary household repairs as quickly as we can, and keep emergency supplies in convenient locations. It’s also important to take a few easy precautions to make sure that we’re always using our everyday electrical appliances safely.

Since 1978, our team at Gary Houston Electric has been the leading provider of both residential and commercial electrical services in Little Rock, and we’re always a phone call away if you have any questions about electrical safety. We recommend scheduling an in-home safety inspection every few years. No two homes have the same needs, but the following tips are effective for most homes:

Install Grounded and GFCI outlets-If you still have any two-prong outlets in your home, it’s time for an upgrade. Also, for outdoor outlets and your kitchen and bathrooms, your outlets should have a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter that will trip if it detects a dangerous surge in voltage.

Use caution with power strips-Some power strips have built-in surge protection, but many are simply line splitters. Power strips are generally safe for use with computers and home electronics, because they operate on very low wattage. But you should never plug in high voltage devices such as space heaters and power tools.

Check your home wiring-Household wiring should be inspected by a licensed electrician about every 25 years, mainly to determine if the insulation is still in good shape. Older insulation can become brittle and crack over time, and some older homes may still have wiring with cloth insulation.

Install LED Lighting-In addition to providing the same amount of light (or more) than conventional incandescent bulbs at a fraction of the wattage, LED lighting doesn’t emit nearly as much heat. If a lamp gets knocked over by a pet while you’re gone, it won’t be nearly the fire hazard that you’d experience with older bulbs.

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