GHEC offers professional home lighting design and installation services at low prices!

When it comes to making home improvements on a budget, a good lighting package will help you get the most “bang for your buck!” You need to consider both functionality and aesthetics when you’re designing your home lighting package, and you need to make a plan for every room. The good news is that home lighting design is easier than you think, and our team at Gary Houston Electric is ready to help you get started.

We’ve been providing trusted emergency electrical services in Little Rock since 1978, and we can also help you when you’re remodeling or building your home. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to providing legendary customer service very seriously, and we’re ready to make you out next satisfied customer. We’re a phone call away when you want to schedule an in-home consultation, and we encourage you to keep a few things in mind as you prepare for remodeling:

Consider your paint schemes-Whether you’re planning on new paint or sticking with your existing paint scheme, it’s important to learn about the color temperature of your new LED lighting. LED lights with a temperature of below 3000K are good all-purpose lights that are suitable for most of the rooms in the home. You’ll want to use high-lumen bulbs with a color temperature of 4000K-5000K in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Light your rooms in layers-In addition to your overhead lighting, you’ll want to install ample task lighting in areas where you prepare food or read. Ambient lighting is also a good idea for the kitchen and living room because it softens up the intensity of bright overhead lights.

Install dimmers and smart lighting-A dimmer switch is an effective way to have flexible lighting in your living room and kitchen. Smart lighting allows you to control your lighting using a Bluetooth connection, and you can make adjustments remotely using an App. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a new term for sensor-enabled devices and appliances, and an increasing number of devices can now remotely collect and exchange data. Smart appliances offer a lot of convenience for a modern home, and they’re a highly affordable upgrade.

If you have any questions about home lighting design, contact us online or at 501-375-8330.