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We’ve all been there. Something electrical goes haywire and the lights go out. Or the refrigerator conks out. Or something-or-other hits a snag and you’re faced with an electrical repair. You must then decide whether to call an electrician or repair it yourself.

At Gary Houston Electric Company, we’re quite familiar with the pitfalls of do-it-yourself repairs, and over the years, we’ve come in behind many well-intentioned homeowners who’ve gotten in over their heads. The reality is that very few electrical repair jobs around the house are something to tackle yourself. Too often, seemingly inexpensive repairs can get much pricier if performed incorrectly. They’re also a common cause of many residential and commercial fires.

Before you “bite off more than you can chew,” remember that most electrical repairs are best handled by a professional electrician, trained to make safe and reliable repairs to all manner of electrical problems, and to prevent electrical fires. At Gary Houston, we’ve been Central Arkansas’ trusted provider of electrical repair since 1976, building up an ever-expanding base of loyal customers with our commitment to service and professionalism.

We employ the most talented and well-trained electricians in the business, and we can provide answers to any question that you may have about your repairs and what steps you should take to protect yourself going forward. When you call Gary Houston for help, a professional electrician will come assess your problem and you’ll be provided with a list of options available and a detailed estimate at no cost or obligation.

Don’t let electrical problems short-circuit your life. When troubles arise, call Gary Houston at (501) 375-8330, or contact us online,, and let us know how we can help.