Know Your Limits For DIY Projects

At Gary Houston Electric Company, we love a good do-it-yourself project, and understand the sense of accomplishment that you get from knowing you’ve improved your home using your own two hands and a little know-how. We get that. But we do caution people tackling DIY projects that involve electricity to KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

Everyone’s limits are different. One person may be perfectly comfortable installing a ceiling fan with a light kit wired to a separate switch, and changing a light bulb may be the limit of the next person’s expertise. We don’t say this to run down one person’s abilities or to play up another. What is absolutely critical for anyone who takes on an electrical project is that they know for certain what their limits are and that they don’t exceed those limits. If you don’t know how to isolate and cut off the electrical circuit that you will be working on, you shouldn’t work on that circuit, because doing so increases your risks of fire, injury, or worse.

Whatever the problem, before you attempt to repair it yourself, it’s critical to know the procedure for the repair you’re undertaking and know it well. The step-by-step procedures for any given repair enable you to do that repair safely so that you can avoid injury and prevent electrical fires. And above all else, if you do take on a project and find that you’ve gotten in over your head, stop immediately and call an electrician.

At Gary Houston Electric Company, our licensed electricians are highly qualified, well equipped, and fully trained to do virtually any electrical repair efficiently and safely. When you call us, the electrician we’ll send to your home is one we would welcome inside our own home, and he or she will be able to find the problem, fix it, and answer any questions you may have.

By all means, enjoy the sense of freedom and independence that comes from a DIY project well done. But if you suddenly find you’ve gotten in too deep, call Gary Houston Electric Company at 501-375-8330, or contact us online. Our focus on customer service is why Gary Houston has been Central Arkansas’ trusted name in electrical service since 1978.