KOHLER Generators are always ready when disaster strikes!

Arkansans jokingly say that if you don’t like the weather, it will change soon enough! However, severe weather is no laughing matter, and plenty of communities are still rebuilding after an F3 tornado struck central Arkansas in early 2023. Weather-related power outages are common throughout the year, and utility companies struggle to restore power to affected households when they need it most. If you’re tired of “grinning and bearing it,” our team at Gary Houston Electric is ready to give you a quote for a KOHLER emergency backup generator!

KOHLER built the first “automatic power and light” generator in 1920 to give farmers access to continuous power in the fields 24 hours a day. Over a century later, KOHLER continues to be the world’s most trusted name in emergency power generators, and they’re the top choice for hospitals, police stations, airports, and military bases. KOHLER also offers a wide selection of generators that are right-sized for any home, and we’re ready to show you just how affordable that peace of mind can be!

Severe weather events in Arkansas frequently affect thousands of homes and businesses at a time, and it’s not uncommon for outages to last for several days (or weeks) in the most devastated areas. An emergency generator is a small investment you and your family will definitely appreciate at critical times. You’ll be able to monitor the weather forecast at all times and have steady power for your CPAP machine and other life-saving medical equipment.

Our team of skilled residential electricians in Little Rock can perform most generator installations in a day or less, and the only maintenance you’ll ever have to perform is to run it for a few minutes once a month. KOHLER emergency backup generators operate quietly using clean-burning natural gas and automatically restore power to the home in a matter of seconds after any power outage. We never know what Mother Nature has in store for us, but with KOHLER emergency backup generators, you can ride out every storm safely and comfortably!

If you have questions about KOHLER Emergency Generators or need an electrician in Arkansas, contact us online or at 501-375-8330.