New Hi-Tech Homes Require Skilled Electrical Planning

It doesn’t seem that long ago when most new homes required little more than AC electrical power lines, phone lines, and television cables. But our increasingly tech-savvy society definitely has required electrical services to change with the times when it comes to wiring for new homes.

One of the most reputable electricians in Little Rock, Gary Houston Electric Company has evolved with this trend toward more hi-tech homes. Backed by more than 35 years of industry experience, our crews have the skills and professionalism to complete even the most complex new home wiring jobs.

1 It has become a common practice for electrical contractors to install low-voltage communication cabling for a wide range of “smart,” or automated, home systems. While the new technology still usually requires connection to an AC power line, other distinctive, highly specific requirements also must be met.

2 Many home systems require “pre-wiring,” in which the necessary cables and wires are installed during construction. Some of these systems include security, home theater and entertainment, computer and internet networks, phones and intercoms, motorized window treatments, entry systems, surveillance cameras, sprinkler systems, and communicating thermostats. You’ll need to install access ports and at least two centralized controls for these systems.

3 If you’re building a new home – or remodeling, for that matter – now is the time to install adequate wiring to support the technology your family wants. Even if you’re planning to add systems later, installing high-capacity, high-grade wiring and cable while the walls are accessible will save you a substantial amount of money when the time comes.

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