Optimize your Electrical Output

Arkansas has some of the most unpredictable weather in the US. Especially when winter has arrived. One minute there’s a slight but bearable chill, and the next minute it’s below freezing, and you’re opening every cabinet in the house so the heat can keep your pipes warm.

And when the latter occurs, you can count on your heating bills going up. If there is faulty wiring in your home, your bill could go up more than expected, or leave you in the dark (or worse.)

Make sure your home is ready for the icy touch of Old Man Winter. With the cold weather usually lasting longer than welcomed in our Natural State, why be sorry when you can be safe and warm?

The Gary Houston Electric Company (GHEC) is the foremost name in keeping the electricity flowing when the weather is worrying. We’re also the go-to-guys for your residential electrical services.

Give your house a check with GHEC:

1 Are electrical outlets hot to the touch? Do lamps make a buzzing sound when turned on? Tattered wires are nothing to ignore. If you suspect frayed wiring, we can rewire it.

2 You don’t just need the lights on inside, but outside as well. Interior and exterior lighting are just two more of the many services we offer for homeowners.

3 Don’t hesitate to call or contact us if you are in need of repairs or one of our KOHLER backup generators that will keep your family warm during power outages.

If you need another reason to make sure your homestead is up to par, here’s one that’s as good as any: one problem can lead to another. Don’t ignore any electrical issues as they could get worse and cost you even more. Have your house checked out by a GHEC residential electrician and get a free estimate.

Save on electrical bills and services by calling 501-375-8330 or contacting us on our webpage.