Our team of electrical safety experts is always just a phone call away!

Whether you just closed on your new-to-you home or you’ve lived in the same home for decades, chances are you can stand to do a little preventive maintenance. If the home was built before 1969, you might still have some outdated two-prong electrical outlets left over, and older homes often have more serious electrical safety problems. The good news is that most of the electrical repairs and upgrades you probably need are relatively quick and inexpensive, and our team at Gary Houston Electric is ready to help you modernize your home!

We’ve been offering trusted electrical service in Little Rock since 1978, and we’re always happy to schedule an in-home inspection and make specific recommendations. Most newly constructed homes include plenty of modern safety features, but your home’s wiring should be inspected every 25 years or sooner if you’re encountering any electrical problems. Older homes often require a few inexpensive repairs and upgrades to meet current safety standards, and we’re also happy to give you a no-obligation quote for a KOHLER emergency backup generator. Here are a few easy ways to eliminate electrical safety hazards in your home, and following these tips should also help you lower your bills!

Home wiring and circuit breakers-Wiring insulation can crack and become brittle over time. If your lights flicker or your breakers trip frequently, you should call an electrician immediately to investigate.

Electrical outlets-Two-prong outlets are easy and inexpensive to replace with properly grounded outlets, and you should also have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in all of your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor outlets. If you have any nonfunctional light switches or electrical outlets or see sparks or smell smoke while using an outlet, immediately switch off the outlet at your breaker panel and call us. We can install electrical outlets with built-in surge protection in high-use areas, including your living room and home office.

Outdated home appliances-Be sure to review your manufacturer’s replacement recommendations for home appliances, including your hot water heater and HVAC system. Older appliances become predictably less reliable and energy efficient near the end of their lifespan, and replacing them now enables you to immediately reduce your household energy consumption.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an electrical safety inspection, contact us online or at 501-375-8330.