Shed New Light on Your Home for Less than You Think with Quality Lighting from GHEC

Whether updating the lighting in your existing home or planning the installation for your dream home, modern technology and design offers a plethora of innovative concepts for creating brilliant and practical spaces with light. And with quality lighting installation, you’ll be equally amazed at how much proper residential lighting will improve both your home – and your wallet, by achieving higher energy efficiency.

Gary Houston Electric Company (GHEC) continues to earn its reputation as the right choice for residential lighting in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas, as well as any other electrical work, including commercial jobs.

That being said, we’d like to offer some advice to help you plan the perfect lighting design for your home. First, there are three basic types of lighting:

1 Ambient – This provides general lighting, achieving a comfortable level of luminosity without glare and allowing you to see well enough to move about safely. As some rooms use only ambient lighting, like laundry rooms, having a central source in every room is essential.

2 Task – As its name implies, this light is required to read, groom, cook, etc. You can create it with recessed and track lighting, pendant (hangs from ceiling) and under-cabinet lighting, and floor and desk lamps – among other options. Avoid glare and shadows, but provide enough light to prevent eye strain.

3 Accent – This lighting adds pizzazz to rooms by focusing light on interesting objects, such as plants, paintings, or other unique possessions. Or it can draw attention to creative wall textures, window treatments, and outdoor landscaping. To achieve effective accent lighting, you want at least three times more light on your focal point than the surrounding area.

The trick to a good residential lighting plan blends all of the above to achieve both function and style in every room. There are a ton of online resources to help inspire you… Here’s just one.

Don’t put off a change that is certain to lighten your life – and electric bill – a moment longer. Call the experts in quality lighting at 501-375-8330, or contact GHEC here for more information.