Summertime Facts That Will Shock You

Homeowners are inundated with the dangers of space heaters and tales of fiery Christmas light disasters. But when winter passes and the air conditioners come on, you need to be aware that summer presents its own electrical safety concerns. Here are some tips to keep your family safe and enjoy all the fun that summer offers.

1 Weather can have consequences after the storm is gone. Arkansas is no stranger to severe weather, and after the immediate threat has passed, people let their guard down. But flooding causes a huge electrical hazard because of submerged cords and outlets. And a lightning strike can compromise the integrity of your home’s electrical system if not properly safeguarded. Never wade through standing water in your home and always consult an electrical contractor if you suspect your home was hit by lightning or it suffered any flood damage.

2 Pool maintenance goes beyond pH and filter cleanings. Electricity is essential to keeping your pool clean and well lit. Pool owners are tasked with a thorough electrical system check at the beginning of every swimming season. The biggest concerns are faulty underwater lighting, ungrounded pumps and vacuums and miscellaneous cords and appliances that could fall into the water. Hire a reputable electrical service to update your pool and patio with GFCIs and perform an inspection. Then follow up with an inspection every few years to ensure all your components are working properly and are safe to use.

3 Your job probably doesn’t observe summer vacation. Older kids are often left home alone while they’re on summer vacation, so it’s not surprising that accidents at home are more common for children this time of year. Teach your children to spot the signs of electrical problems in the home like arcing or smoldering and talk to them about what to do in case of an emergency. Every good electrical safety chat with your child should include the importance of not overloading an outlet with all their gadgets.

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