Winter is Coming – Are You Prepared?

In just a few short weeks winter will be making another entrance, bringing with it uncertain weather and a risk of widespread power outages. But some smart preparation can help you weather the storm.

At Gary Houston Electric, we’re here with the information and expertise you need to prepare wisely, both for large-scale power outages that nature’s wrath can bring on, and to help make sure the electrical infrastructure in your home or business is ready to take on the demands of winter without blowing a fuse.

When whole neighborhoods are plunged into darkness, today’s energy-dependent homes and businesses come to a halt so fast you can almost hear the tires screeching. An average home in 2015 consumes as much electricity (or more) as some towns did in 1915. It’s bad enough to lose the TV but many homes will lose heat, and until the power is back you’re on your own for refrigeration, lights, computer power, and possibly running water, to name just a few.

Unless you’re equipped with a Kohler generator, tied into the wiring of your home or business and set to start within seconds of an outage. Our trained electricians can measure your electrical needs and recommend the right generator to power what you want powered, whether that’s the bare necessities or everything with a plug or switch.

We can also make sure your electrical infrastructure is ready for the demands of winter, which can range from lights turned on longer hours to compensate for shorter daylight hours to space heaters and electric blankets plugged in to ward off the chill. The last thing you need is an electrical emergency when it’s five degrees out and everything is coated in ice.

If you should have an emergency, we have electricians ready to provide 24 hour emergency service, but we hope it doesn’t come to that. Call us at 501-375-8330 or contact us online and we’ll inspect your home and give you a free estimate of what is needed to get you ready for Old Man Winter.