Winter is Here! Save Money this Season By Keeping Your Electric Bill Low.

As we all breathe a sigh of relief at summer’s end, we also realize that it won’t be long before we’re dealing with mercilessly cold winter weather. And, as the mercury drops, heating bills can really begin to skyrocket in a hurry!

An important part of managing winter heating costs is increasing household energy efficiency, and calling a reputable electrical contractor is a great way to get specific recommendations. Our team of home electricians at Gary Houston Electric Company have been helping Arkansans save money on their electric bills for 35 years and counting, and we’re a phone call away when you’re ready to schedule a free, no obligation energy efficiency consultation. There are also several easy and inexpensive things that your can do to get started saving money right away:

Check attic insulation-Heat rises, which is why attic insulation is so important. Take a look in your attic to make sure that there are no obvious gaps in your insulation. And if you have an older home, you might want to have your insulation tested for asbestos content.

Seal up drafts-The more drafts that you have around the house, the harder your heat pump or furnace has to work to compensate. The good news is that adding weatherstripping to windows and draft guards to door jambs is cheap and easy.

Close off vents in unoccupied rooms-Guest bedrooms and storage rooms that aren’t used regularly can be a big money drain. Keep the doors shut, and close off the vents when not in use.

Turn down the heat and bundle up-You don’t have to set your thermostat so low that you and your family are uncomfortable, but you’d be surprised at what a difference that it makes if you set your thermostat back a few degrees and put on a sweater.

Install a programmable thermostat-There are many programmable thermostats with lots of different features, but they are all an excellent way to reduce the workload on your heat pump when you’re asleep or not home.

Improving household energy efficiency is a great way to stay comfortable and save money this winter. If you have any questions on how to get started, click here, or give us a call at any time at (501) 375-8330.