Worried about your energy costs? Upgrading to LED lighting can really make a difference!

It’s difficult to predict the future, but we all know that the cost of living will continue to increase. What this means for consumers is less discretionary spending, and more belt tightening. Fortunately, when it comes to household utilities and energy costs, there are many different ways to lower our bills. It might only be a few dollars a month, but every little bit helps!

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If you haven’t already upgraded to LED lights, you’re probably spending more than you should on your monthly electric bill. LED lighting provides the same amount of illumination as traditional incandescent lighting at a fraction of the standard wattage, and making the upgrade couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s often as simple as screwing in a light bulb!

When we’ve used standard incandescent lighting, we’ve become accustomed to using wattage to describe the amount of light produced. But when it comes to LED lighting, it’s more useful to measure light intensity in lumens. For example, it only takes 13 watts to provide the same amount of lumens as a standard 60 watt light bulb. Replacing all of the bulbs in your home can make a significant impact on your monthly electric bill.

LED light bulbs are currently more expensive, but the price continues to drop as they enter into widespread usage. Additionally, an LED bulb generates almost no heat, and has an operational lifespan of 5 years or longer. Your life will be much more convenient when you don’t have to replace light bulbs every few months, and the cost of the upgrade can pay for itself over time in terms of energy savings.

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