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Know Your Limits For DIY Projects

At Gary Houston Electric Company, we love a good do-it-yourself project, and understand the sense of accomplishment that you get from knowing you’ve improved your home using your own two hands and a little know-how. We get that. But we do caution people tackling DIY projects that involve electricity to KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

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Don’t Let Poor Electrical Design Short Circuit Your Business

Business owners have plenty of things to worry about during an average workday. Between communicating with employees, managing finances, and generating new business, the last thing that they need to do is to worry about the logistics of the office’s electrical design. That’s why they need to find an electrical contractor who will set them up for success.

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With Quality Lighting Design by GHEC Your Home’s Lighting Can Illuminate Your Personality

Interior design and decorating might seem like hard work to some people, but the truth is that it’s mostly a series of decisions. You start by deciding on a budget, and spend the rest of your time deciding on what paint, floor coverings and window treatments will work best within that budget. Ultimately, in addition to being comfortable and tastefully decorated, your home should be a reflection of your personality!

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