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Knowing When It’s Time to Call an Electrician

Sooner or later, every home will need electrical work, whether a wiring repair, an upgrade, or a new fixture installation, to name a few common reasons. But how are you supposed to know when it’s time to put down your DIY kit and call in a residential electrician?

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Three Ways to Prevent a House Fire

You’ve worked your whole life to create a home for yourself and your family, and it’s frightening to imagine replacing everything after a house fire! And what about the things that you can’t replace, like your family and pets?

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Do’s and Don’ts of DYI Electrical Projects

Spring has sprung and although there are plenty of electricians in Arkansas qualified to tackle your spring project list, at Gary Houston Electric Company, we know you’re itching to jump in with both feet and take the DIY world by storm. A winter spent watching HGTV does that to a person.

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Three Reasons to Choose Kohler For Your Business


Springtime is almost here, and as much as we enjoy seeing warmer temperatures in the forecast, we know that weather-related power outages are right around the corner. For most businesses, it’s usually a matter of “grinning and bearing it” for a few hours, but for healthcare providers, police departments, and airports, losing power is simply not an option. Since 1920, those businesses have turned to Kohler, who has been been keeping them out of the dark when Mother Nature does her worst.

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Knowing When to Repair it Yourself and When to Call Us

Little Rock's Most Trusted Electricians - Here's Why

In tough economic times it’s tempting to tackle home repairs to try and save money. Besides, few things are as satisfying as a do-it-yourself home improvement project well done. We’ve all been there. And chances are, if you know a carpenter, a plumber, or a master electrician, you know someone who was jazzed early on by knowing how to take things apart and put them back together.

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