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Remodeling or Adding On? Call Us!

We all take a lot of pride in our homes, and spend most of our time there. Unfortunately, sometimes our needs change from the time that we moved in, and we have to make a change. In many cases, our families start to get larger (and acquire more things), and we outgrow the space. Sometimes we decide to finally get around to making those renovations that we’ve talked about since the day that we moved in.

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Three reasons to keep GHEC on speed dial

Any time that you need an electrician, it’s always important to make an informed decision. You owe it to yourself to find a company that does quality work, and does it quickly. It’s also extremely important to find a company with a solid reputation that you can trust to invite into your home, and won’t force you to call in someone later to fix their substandard work.

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Check out these great home lighting tips!

Your home is a special place, but you’re probably always looking for new ways to make it a little more comfortable. Whether it’s adding a tile backsplash in your kitchen, getting a new set of drapes, or simply making sure to keep the lawn mowed, you take pride in your home, and owe it to yourself and your family to continue making improvements. Unfortunately, many of your ideas might feel a bit too expensive or ambitious for now, and you might not know where to start!

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Three tips for electrical safety in an older home

With the demand for housing at an all-time high, developers love “cookie cutter” homes because they’re quick and easy to build. But many homeowners still prefer to live in an older neighborhoods. There’s nothing like the craftsmanship, charm, and curb appeal that comes from a more traditional home, and like the old saying goes, they really don’t build them like they used to. Unfortunately, older homes weren’t subjected to the rigorous standards that must now be followed for new construction, and you can’t afford to assume that previous homeowners have made all of the necessary upgrades.

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Three easy ways to lower your electric bill

We all enjoy our air conditioning, home appliances, and electronic devices, but during certain times of year, the electric bill gets so high that you often expect to hear a drum roll when you open the envelope. Utility billing rates continue to climb, and there seems to be no end in sight: is there anything that we can do to get relief?

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