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Three Ways to Prevent a House Fire

You’ve worked your whole life to create a home for yourself and your family, and it’s frightening to imagine replacing everything after a house fire! And what about the things that you can’t replace, like your family and pets?

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Do’s and Don’ts of DYI Electrical Projects

Spring has sprung and although there are plenty of electricians in Arkansas qualified to tackle your spring project list, at Gary Houston Electric Company, we know you’re itching to jump in with both feet and take the DIY world by storm. A winter spent watching HGTV does that to a person.

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Tips on How to Use Extension Cords and Surge Protectors Safely

Years ago life was simple and electrical outlets were abundant. No more. Now it seems we’re overrun with TVs, DVRs, modems, appliances, computers, you name it. And what few outlets are left fill up with phone chargers and tablets.

Extension cords and power strips are often used to fill the gap, but improper use is dangerous. Small devices such as lamps, radios, and the like may generally be powered with an extension if needed, and heavy duty extensions rated appropriately can be safely used to temporarily power electrical tools and other devices.

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How LED Lights Save You Money

There are many things that you can do around the house to lower your electric bills, including adjusting your thermostat, installing weatherstripping and/or storm windows and doors, checking attic insulation, and turning off lights when you’re not in a room. These methods have been around for as long as people have had air conditioning and electrical lighting in their homes, and a few small changes can typically lead to significant savings right away.

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Four Factors that Make an Electric Company Reliable

When you need an electrical contractor to work on your home or business, you want to know that you’re getting the best you can find, and that the electric company is reliable and trustworthy. At Gary Houston Electric Company, we believe you should be able to easily tell which electrical companies deserve your business, based upon four factors by which you can judge their reliability.

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