How to Prepare Your Business for Winter

Despite the unseasonably warm weather in December, winter has arrived in Arkansas, and if you haven’t prepared for it you don’t want to let any more time get away. This time of year, you are never more than one winter storm away from big problems, especially if that storm packs a one-two punch that makes travel impossible and knocks out power for an extended time.

The one thing we’ve always known here in Arkansas is that winter is nothing to take for granted. When Mother Nature is at her worst, you need the best, and that’s why the commercial electrical contractors at Gary Houston Electric Company are the best to be found anywhere.

Making sure your electrical wiring can take the demands winter will place on it is crucial. Our commercial electricians are trained to calculate your peak power needs with the available capacity by evaluating each circuit that supplies power. If your power needs on any given circuit have outgrown its capacity, we can make the needed upgrades quickly so you won’t have a problem to deal with later.

In the event a winter storm knocks out the power, critical systems dependent upon electrical power must keep running, and even a short interruption can create lasting headaches. By evaluating your power consumption and mapping out your systems based on necessity, power outages will cease to be a concern with the installation of a Kohler electric generator, right-sized to deliver the power you need when you need it most, with models available that can detect an interruption and start within seconds automatically.

A power outage can threaten your communications, shut down your lights, heating, and even your security system. An overloaded circuit can knock out power to the systems it feeds, and can even start a fire. Taking action today can head off a big problem tomorrow.

One call to Gary Houston Electric Company can have you ready for winter’s worst. Call 501-375-8330 or contact us online today for an evaluation and free, no obligation estimate. Gary Houston has been providing outstanding customer service for businesses just like yours for over 35 years!