A Kohler Generator is a great household upgrade!

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for new ways to keep yourself and your family comfortable and safe. You want to find ways to make the home that you own a little more yours, and find ways to get maximum value from your investment. An emergency generator might not be as exciting as a new pool, deck, or home theater system, but it’s a smart investment. The first time that your lights come back on seconds after an outage, you’ll truly know how peace of mind feels. You’ll be able to keep your eye on the weather forecast, you won’t have to worry about losing the food in your refrigerator, and your life saving medical equipment will keep running.

Gary Houston Electric is proud to be the number one provider of Kohler generators in Arkansas, and we’re ready to show you just how affordable that peace of mind can be. Since 1920, businesses and homeowners have placed their trust in Kohler generators, which are the top choice of hospitals, police departments, airports, and military bases. Power outages are inconvenient for everyone, and a matter of life and death for many. Kohler rises to the challenge for all those times when the stakes couldn’t be higher.

When you experience an outage, your generator will detect it, and automatically start up in a matter of seconds. Best of all, Kohler emergency generators operate cleanly and quietly using natural gas, unlike the loud (and smelly) gasoline-powered generators that you’ve seen at tailgate parties and campgrounds. And all that you have to do to maintain them is run them for a few minutes each month.

As anyone who’s went without power for days (and sometimes weeks) will tell you, they’d pay almost anything to get the power back on. The utility companies do the best they can, but when disaster strikes, they often have to work throughout the night to restore power to tens of thousands of customers. With a Kohler generator, you’ll be able to ride out any storm in safety and comfort.

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